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I’m a writer. Poetry is everything to me.

My mother encouraged me until the day she died and I almost lost my life.
That traumatic day took not only my mother and my memories, but it’s left me with a monster.
One that threatens to swallow me whole.
But now I have a new monster threatening the one thing I hold dear, my poetry.
Tyrell Sonnenfeld wants to expose me.
My anonymous posts in the school newspaper are sacred. My way of getting my poetry out there.
All of my tame material is submitted there, while everything else remains in my black book.
Everything that’s dark and dirty, he’ll expose to the world.
He wants to force me to give him another chance. Another shot to reclaim what was lost with my memories.
To save my anonymity and the exposure of my black book, I have no choice but to agree.
But he doesn’t realize that by me agreeing, we’ll be playing a dangerous game.
One that may end with both of our deaths.

Please be advised, this book is a dark romance that contains triggers including dubious/non consent.

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