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I’m a nerd, former orphan, and plus-sized nobody.

All of that changed when Collette Goldsworthy decided I was somebody she needed. Because of her, I have people in my life I can count on.
I can’t say the same for my aunt, the woman who raised me after my parents went missing years ago.
Her words have torn me down over the years, but this time she’s done something worse. She sold my parent’s house along with everything inside it to pay off her debt and there was nothing I could do about it besides buy it back.
Except I'm just as poor as she is.
Any of my friends could've easily bought it, and the offered to, but before they got the chance to, Noel Hardington, Callan’s rich playboy best friend does.
Now I owe him and there’s only one thing he wants…
The only girl who’s ever told him no.
To get my parent’s house back, he’s only taking two forms of repayment, working in the place that ruined my life or my body.
But he doesn’t remember the dark secrets of our childhood and he doesn’t remember me.
He’ll come to find out that some things are better left buried.

Please be advised, this is a dark romance with triggering content including dub/non con and drug use.

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