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The Princess and the Bully eBook cover.jpg
I'm a princess. I was fine with the way my life was – partying all day and night. But my parents weren't.

Now I'm a student at Southern Goldsworthy University. The best for the rich and elite.
Heath Goldsworthy, campus heartthrob and oldest son of the Dean, came into my life as the first true friend I've ever had.
He gave me a new start. Something that I was very grateful for.
Now he's missing...
And I'm the top suspect responsible for his disappearance.
His sister hates me, but his brother hates me more.
He wants to make my life a living hell until I confess what happened that night.
But I can't confess what I don't remember.
And why does he keep messing with my emotions? I hate playing his games.
The Dean's son doesn't just go missing.
Someone is responsible and they don't want me to remember.
I have to find out who before it's too late.

Please be advised, this is a dark romance with triggering content including dub/non con and a suicide attempt.
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