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I’m just a normal California girl trying to grow up. All I want is to find somewhere where I belong, which leads me to the online world of Nyx Online. Just when I think I have everything handled in real life, things start piling up and my life takes a sharp downward turn. The darkness creeps in and everything seems to be over for me until I meet him. My life forever changes and all I want is to see him face to face.


I’m a nerdy New Yorker with a wild imagination. After losing an important piece of my heart, I move away to Maine, where everything in my life changes. Trying to keep myself together every day is a challenge and just when I’ve given up on doing anything, I go on my favorite website, Nyx Online, and meet her. Moving across the country won’t be easy, but it’s all I want. 

Our souls are intertwined, but we both have demons we’re fighting. Will our love be enough or will our demons succeed in tearing us apart? 

UPDATED 11.8.18 When Twilight Met Jacek
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